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5 Divorce Resources to Have on Hand

| April 24, 2024

A divorce is always difficult, and we’re sorry you’re going through this. The challenges associated with ending a marriage are many, ranging from the legal to the practical to the emotional. However, as with any complex situation, understanding the steps needed during this difficult time can save you time, money, and stress. To help, here are a few (not exhaustive) resources to help guide you through the first few phases of your divorce.

Finding a lawyer. Finding the right lawyer to guide you through the legal aspects of your divorce isn’t just about finding a competent, fierce, educated person who has your back. It’s about finding someone you can imagine spending a lot of time with and with who you can handle your emotions during this tumultuous time. This piece walks you through some of the considerations. If you’re considering mediation instead, this piece walks you through the differences between using a mediator and a lawyer.

Preparing your finances. Regardless of how long you were married, there are bound to be some financial accounts that are intertwined. Separating and dividing assets can be one of the more challenging aspects of a divorce, so it’s essential to have everything prepared as soon as possible. This article talks about how to prepare your finances for a divorce, including what financial statements to gather, how to document your assets, and how to track your income and expenses.

Considering taxes. There may be tax implications to your separation. This information from the IRS can help you better understand how that might come into play.

Updating insurance. For any combined insurance policies (like homeowner’s, car, health, or life insurance policies), you’ll want to update beneficiaries and check out the specifics about how long you have to find a new policy, if necessary. For example, this helps explain what a spouse and any eligible children can expect regarding a health insurance plan sponsored by an ex’s employer.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it can still feel overwhelming. Remember, you don’t have to go it alone. Your lawyer will be able to help you through it.

Even for the most prepared person, divorce is painful. However, weathering the disappointment may be easier if you’re at least aware of the process and have realistic expectations. If you need any help, we’re here.